De Bie Calendars has been the specialist in calendars and diaries for more than 50 years.

Without realising it you are probably already familiar with us. Half a century of specialism means that our customers have given their contacts millions of calendars and diaries.

Our customers know better than anyone that their calendar is THE best promotional tool for being visible to their customers for 365 days a year. No other gift does it better.

Advertising is effective, when it is used on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our 3 and 4 month calendars are a proper working tool. Because of their practical value in daily planning they belong to the absolute top in wall calendars.

The 3 month Mini Planner is the Rolls Royce of desk calendars. Every day, you are literally within reach of your customers. The luxury high gloss varnish finish and the date pad with its red window make sure that your business card has a prominent place on the customer’s desk day after day.

Our diaries and notebooks are 100% Italian design, and can of course be entirely personalised, both on the cover, with your logo, by adding advertising pages, or by a full colour cover in your company’s house style.

De Bie Calendars: THE specialist in calendars and diaries.