Our calendars are CO2 neutral.

Inspired by the objectives of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, De Bie Calendars ensures a positive ecological footprint.

For printing we use eco-inks, these inks are purely plant based. We have replaced the extremely environmentally unfriendly UV-varnish with a high gloss water based varnish. For the same ecological reasons we print all our calendars in full colour. We have stopped producing calendars in 1 and 2 colours. So we ban the use of special pantone inks, which are very harmful to the environment.

More than the usual attention is paid to sustainable entrepreneurship.
Our printing company produces environmentally friendly:

  • use of sustainable energy
  • use of environmentally friendly alternative products
  • reduction of waste volumes
  • reduction of raw material consumption
  • and a ‘measuring is knowing' -program is part of the daily routine.

Our environmental policy is all about:

  • Compliance with the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements.
  • The rational - and where possible reduced - use of water, energy and raw materials.
  • The responsible handling of dangerous products, investigating ways to reduce their use or looking for less harmful alternative products.
  • Source-separated collection, appropriate disposal and reducing the volumes of waste products. 
  • Drawing up instructions and procedures to prevent environmental calamities.
  • Adopting eco-conscious behaviour by all employees through suitable training and instructions.
  • Providing information and expert advice to customers on eco-friendly ways of manufacture.

In order to compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions, we have joined Climate Partners, and in this way support a windmill project in Taiwan.

De Bie calendars is now a completely climate neutral company!

Together we care for the environment.

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